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Two 3D Touch Devices From Nokia (MM) – 5.2 And 6 ; Lumia Android

Two 3D Touch Devices From Nokia (MM) – 5.2 And 6 ; Lumia Android

The Nokia Lumia McLaren is an unreleased smartphone developed by Nokia and Microsoft Mobile that utilised a new technology dubbed "3D Touch" (a feature.... Nokia's upcoming 6-inch Lumia 1520 flagship handset hasn't been released ... Nokia is planning two handsets for Windows Phone 8.1: "Goldfinger" and ... features in an update to its Glance screen software, which let Lumia.... But that's not the only 3D touch handset. There's a 6 flavour too. Whilst we're here, there's rumours (mentioned in comments) of an Android Lumia. Source:...


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